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The Black Archive: The Time Warrior

timewarrior_titleObverse Books have announced today that they will be publishing my examination of the Doctor Who story The Time Warrior as the twenty-fourth book in their series The Black Archive. The Time Warrior was a four-part story broadcast between 15 December 1973 and 5 January 1974, written by Robert Holmes and directed by Alan Bromly. It was the first story of the eleventh season (Jon Pertwee’s fifth and last as the Doctor) and the first to feature Sarah Jane Smith, played of course by Elisabeth Sladen, and also introduced the Sontarans, with Kevin Lindsay as their solitary representative, Linx. The full announcement can be found below, via Facebook.


Dr Who in “Woden’s Warriors”!

Whatever next week’s Viking age Doctor Who episode is like, it won’t be Woden’s Warriors! I don’t think I’ve ever used the reblog facility on WordPress before, but it seemed the easiest way of referring readers to this post and this Doctor Who comic strip, not from Mighty TV Comic as the original post says but from the earlier TV Comic Annual 1976, published in 1975. The artist is John M. Burns. who was illustrating The Tomorrow People and then Space 1999 for Look-In at around the same time, I think. Doctor Who was not his thing, but his likenesses of Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen are idiosyncratic at least, I am old enough to say that I enjoyed reading the story when it was first published, though the disparaging and sexist way the Doctor talks to Sarah goes well beyond anything she suffered in the television series. Follow the link to the original post below for links to larger images.

from the pages of Mighty TV Comic…

Dr Who Woden's Warriors - 1Dr Who Woden's Warriors - 2Dr Who Woden's Warriors - 3Dr Who Woden's Warriors - 4Dr Who Woden's Warriors - 5

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