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The Event Library is an occasional blog of reviews and commentary on oddities, principally televisual or in print, from the worlds of Doctor Who. It is written by Matthew Kilburn, a writer, editor and researcher based near Oxford, UK. He has written for several publications in the series The Essential Doctor Who, including The TARDIS, ed. Marcus Hearn (Panini Publishing, 2014). Other credits include Doctor Who: 50 Years – The Companions, ed. Marcus Hearn (Panini Publishing, 2013), Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour, ed. Andrew O’Day (I.B. Tauris, 2013), Outside In, ed. Robert Smith? and Graeme Burk (ATB Publishing, 2012), Time Unincorporated, vol. 2, ed. Robert Smith? and Graeme Burk (Mad Norwegian Press, 2010) and Time And Relative Dissertations In Space: Critical Perspectives in Doctor Who, ed. David Butler (Manchester University Press, 2007), as well as contributing reviews to The Doctor Who News Page and articles to several fan publications. He is available for commissions, though if you just want to buy him a coffee there should be a link by which you can do so to the right or if not, below.

Away from Doctor Who, he was from January 2014 to November 2015 a member of the research staff of The History of Parliament: The House of Lords, 1660-1832. He has contributed chapters and otherwise assisted in the preparation of The History of Oxford University Press,  and from 1999 to 2006 was research editor in the eighteenth century at the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, where he remains an external consultant as an associate research editor and is the contributor of over seventy biographical entries.

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  1. Surprisingly, I sensed a lot of echoes with S1 of Nu-Who – the declined offer of companionship, reconsidered (but this time by the Doctor), the joyful last shot of Bill running into the TARDIS. And in the 3-way interplay between The Doctor, Nardole and Bill I even felt a little of the Nine/Rose/Jack dynamic set up in TDD all those years ago – with Nardole as bridge, more experienced in the ways of the universe than the companion, but more emotionally intelligent than the Doctor.

    Or am I just an elderly fan seeing parallels everywhere….even in the serving of chips?

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