Empty Pockets, Empty Shelves

A short article of mine from issue 42 of the Oxford Doctor Who Society’s magazine, The Tides of Time:

The Tides of Time

doctorwho1100_3545In a short  article first published in The Tides of Time number 42 in November 2018, Matthew Kilburn considers how the development of the Thirteenth Doctor was presaged by the symbolism of her arrival scene and its relationship with the trappings of her predecessor.

Learning and the accoutrements of knowledge weigh heavily on the Twelfth Doctor. By the end of his first episode, he’s already fitted out the upper gallery of the TARDIS control room with rows of books and a blackboard. Books and bookshelves protect the Twelfth Doctor’s inner life. In Robot of Sherwood, he lurks amidst them eating yoghurt with a childlike guilt, as if his covetous licking of a spoon is proof that he is not a good man. Later, reading is possibly an indicator of the Doctor’s entering a dream state, as he has a book in his hand when Santa Claus knocks on the…

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