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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2015: The Husbands of River Song

Doctor Who at Christmas is increasingly a difficult beast to shephp03cd6cperd into a pen. The two most recent series have felt more like
mainstream mid-evening BBC drama rather than the ‘drama for a light entertainment slot’ of 2005. Consequently the Christmas episodes feel increasingly like a drastic change in tone. Even the grading seems to be different, with the colour palette seeming brighter, returning to the blue with flashes of other primary colours of the Matt Smith era Christmas specials.

The highlight was the typically vigorous performances of both Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston, of course; but de
spite a good start I failed to be held by these alone in the way I hoped, despite some strong moments of repartee. There was too much emphasis on a denial of sparkle between the Doctor and River, rather than on its existence. Likewise the business with the robot and its switching heads seemed underplayed and undramatic and lacked sufficient sleight of hand to convince; nor were the decapitated characters depicted with sufficient sympathy to make me feel for their plight. There were so many still backgrounds or illustrations which I thought would have been animated a few years ago too.

Perhaps I’ll revisit it and find it more enjoyable another time. I don’t like being negative about the series, and am glad to see from some early reactions that that it did engage and entertain several others.






Doctor Who XXXV/9.12: Hell Bent


Art by Stuart Manning.

My sister thought this was all very moving and it reminded her of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in its preoccupation with death and how characters learn to relate to it. The roots of modern Doctor Who are still showing.

As for what I thought, I had previews access for the Doctor Who News Page and lots of time on my hands, so my reaction – principally a rather long commentary based on my not-quite-second-by-second viewing notes – appear there. We didn’t see the ‘Next Time’ trailer or the freestanding trailer which appeared immediately afterwards, though; the change in tone and an embrace of the larger-than-life will be of some use in repairing relations with a section of the audience which seems to have been alienated by the last two seasons despite their high quality. A pity that it appears we will have to wait longer than usual for the episode after that, but we await confirmation.