Doctor Who XXXV/9.3: Under the Lake


Art by Stuart Manning, for

For a change this week, I thought I’d make notes during the episode and then transcribe them with minimal tidying-up or comment below. It’s not quite a liveblog:

Corporate interest: Silence in the LibraryThe Almost People

Army incompetence [an old Doctor Who trope from the third Doctor’s day] (and the Faslane security/safety leak?)

Loch Ness Monster [in mural] – Zygon foreshadowing?

When is the last time we just saw Clara being adventurous and exploring things? Ever?

Great when [illegible] set. TARDIS translation issue.

Doctor’s adventure running at a different trajectory [to the humans he is with]?

Mythical oil reserves…

Swipe at [human] culture

Why is this man still talking? = You just lost the right…. [The Long Game – no, sorry, The Parting of the Ways – thanks, Mel]

Clara’s human reponses cards are still needed in this age of a more excited [outgoing] humane Capaldi. She’s there to signal message [not just of the Doctor’s alienness] but of the crew as emotional beings [who have lost their friend].

TARDIS trauma (roundels! roundels!)

‘Where the action is’ – Dr and Clara as visitors to plot [and can choose to be audience to events – immersive live theatre]

Doctor as visitor [but an involved one] to humanity.

Doctor as a vector coursing through future of humanity. UNIT of future know who he is [and it’s practically a vote of confidence in the future of Doctor Who]

Virtual reality as an everyday tool – contemporary [cutting-edge 2015 ‘dressed’ as 2119]

Tomb is a plain sarcophagus – fitting for something found in a church – showing off the architectural affinities of Michael Pickwoad.

Words as magnets – electromagnetic field – power of words [The Shakespeare Code – theory of ideas as replicating memes]

Peter Andre – Strictly Come Dancing cross-promotion! [except this was recorded back in January – but still, when did they know?]

Can’t the Doctor bring the TARDIS to them using his ‘sonic’ glasses?

Two new temporary companions!

Great final anticipated image of the Doctor as ghost [eyes hollowed out and view through eyes recalls The Empty Child]

Most of the episode takes place on my 149th birthday, too. I doubt this is of any significance beyond personal amusement.


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