The Tides of Time 37, November 2013

Tides37_colourcoverTime to mention the Doctor Who fanzine with which I’ve been associated most consistently over the past two decades and more, The Tides of Time, published by the Oxford [University] Doctor Who Society and edited by a succession of people since 1990. I’ve uploaded a selection of articles to over the last few years, as well as several entire issues. Readers can follow the evolution of the largely student membership’s tastes, from the discovery of previously inaccessible old episodes of the programme, through some intense and verbose literary and sociological analysis, to today’s smaller zines with their computer game reviews and personal reflections on experiences of the Who phenomenon (which, it strikes me, is a very 1970s phrase. Didn’t TARDIS once call itself ‘The Doctor Who phenomenon newsletter’? But I digress).

I’ve uploaded issue 37 today, and (if you passed earlier and were put off by the large file size) resized it to 5Mb. Read and enjoy. Contents include:

  • Editorial by John Salway
  • Crossword – Fifty Years of Villains
  • Return to Earth. Review of the Wii video game, by Adam Kendrick
  • The Eternity Clock. Review of the game for PC, PS3 and PSVita, by Graham Cooper
  • Rusling the Isis. The second part of a look at Russell T Davies’s Oxford University media career in the 1980s, by Matthew Kilburn
  • Fifty Years, Fifty Moments. The scenes which encapsulate Doctor Who‘s Doctor Who-ness, compiled and written by Graham Cooper and Sara James, with Thomas Keyton, Matthew Kilburn, and Jonathan Martindale
  • Doctor Who and Philosophy. Jonathan Martindale reviews the 55th volume in the Open Court Press series ‘Pop Culture and Philosophy’, which turns its attention to Doctor Who.
  • Lost in Translation? Sara James reports on the status of Doctor Who in Germany with particular regard to pronouns!

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