Monthly Archives: November 2013

Doctor Who at Fifty, for OUP

ODNBHave a piece I wrote for the OUP Academic blog on the fiftieth anniversary of the first broadcast of the first episode of Doctor Who. It was largely written to show off various OUP publications, though by no means all the possible links made the final cut. There were other names I should have stressed, too, such as the contribution of actors Peter Hawkins and David Graham in performing the Dalek voice. There’s no ‘author’s cut’ as such, as this was an evolving piece written in consultation with the Oxford DNB, but I might share some of the missing links later, though they will be to Oxford Reference or Oxford Music subscriber-only content.


Robert Holmes: A Life in Words

A few days ago Doctor Who Reviews, a section of The Doctor Who News Page, published my review of Richard Molesworth’s Robert Holmes: A Life in Words (Prestatyn: Telos, 2013). The review can be read here, and the book purchased from Telos themselves.